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Let's Get Personal...


Born at Torrance Memorial Hospital on an early summer morning, I've embodied my zodiac sign, Cancer, throughout life. Sensitive on the inside, tough on the outside; great qualities to possess when pursuing a career in the arts. 


Raised in sunny San Diego, there I learned the value of having fun while you work. Whether it was sneaking champagne as a server at the local retirement home or dancing like a crazy person as the best Shamu costume character SeaWorld San Diego has ever known.  


It was my true passion for performance arts, discovered at the tender age of two, that has primarily shaped the man you know today. While winning junior class homecoming prince, graduating high school with a 3.8 GPA, and getting accepted to UCLA have each made me incredibly proud, it is my accomplishments on stage and in TV and film that truly make me smile.

For example, you've seen me as a snarky lab tech on Days of Our Lives, an American with an alarming opinion on the environment in Rock the Vote's #CareLikeCrazy campaign, the fabulous gay Italian in the modernized greek epic Big Love, and an anxious eager to please server in the web series Your Server is Not Out to Get You which I wrote and produced with one of my best friends.


I've lived the dream in Hollywood and San Diego, but in August 0f 2016 became an official resident of Chicago, IL. I'm grateful for the adventures I've had on the west coast, and I anticipate all the exciting ones to come in the windy city!


"If I'd observed all the rules I never would have got anywhere." -Marilyn Monroe

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