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About... Sherlock Holmes and the Adventure of the Great Nome Gold Rush

"North Coast Repertory Theatre Artistic Director David Ellenstein deftly stages his production with elan and assurance, lending an authenticity to the wild happenings on the stage. It is performed by a sensational Equity cast of North Coast favorites" - Jack Lyons, Desert Local News

"A colorful crew they are, deftly and distinctively played by an excellent ensemble, under the direction of David Ellenstein." - Pat Launer, Center Stage, Jazz 88.3

"Well acted play about great detective in Alaska has its charms" - James Hebert, San Diego Union-Tribune

About... King O' The Moon

"[Julian Diaz] hits the right notes in the most difficult part of Georgie, never breaking character, always an open-hearted delight as the child-like man." - Jean Lowerison, San Diego Gay and Lesbian News

"The mentally challenged Georgie, played with sweetness and tact by Julian [Diaz.]" - Anne Marie Welsh, San Diego Union-Tribune

"[Julian Diaz’s] Georgie is the most difficult role as the mentally challenged brother. He nails all the parts just right and in a way stabilizes the rest of his siblings with his childlike antics." - Carol Davis, San Diego Theater Examiner

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